It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Gemsong Saga Volume 2: A Man Named Zephyr. It is currently available at smashwords, and will be distributed to all of the usual retailers within the next few weeks.

A Long Road, but worth the ride

The journey of writing the second entry to the Gemsong Saga series has been much longer than expected. That said, I don’t feel like the time has been wasted. When I’ve released books in the past, there was always something that I felt could have been changed. Always something I felt could have been a little better. A Man Named Zephyr is the first book I’ve finished where I’ve sat back and said to myself “That is what I was trying to do.”.

It was actually pretty surprising doing the final read through. You know how a key scene in a good movie or book can give you that sort of static, tingly feeling? I got that at a few points during the re-read, and even had a point where I felt a little teary eyed. Given that I’ve read this book somewhere north of 30 times in the course of writing and editing, that isn’t something I expected. I can only hope everyone who gives it a read will have the same experience

A Man Named Zephyr Release Information

As previously mentioned, A Man Named Zephyr will be released first in Ebook form. with an eventual print version sometime in the future. Smashwords is the primary release outlet, and has all common formats available for $5.99.

A man Named Zephyr is available now through Smashwords. If you prefer another retailer such as Apple, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Kobo, it should be available with them as well as several others within the next 1-3 weeks.

Future Projects

There will at least one more book in the Gemsong Saga series, possibly more depending on how things play out. While I will get started as soon as possible, I don’t dare make any plans regarding time-frames. I will get things done as fast as I can, and keep more regular updates on progress.

Thank you to everyone that has supported the project thus far. It has been greatly appreciated, and likely wouldn’t have finished without it


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