According to the date of my last post here, it’s been almost a year since I updated anything. Has it really been that long? With births, pandemics, and a general lack of sleep, time has really flown by. With things finally starting to settle down though, perhaps it’s time I got off my ass.

Doing Work On the go

When it comes to writing, I’ve always been a bit old school. I like to sit down with a good fountain pen and heavy weight printer paper and just let things flow. With an energetic toddler running around however, pen and paper are a difficult prospect, as is typing anything on a computer. If anything work is going to get done, it’s gonna have to get done on the go.

And so, I’ve been learning to adapt. With pen and paper out, I’m finally starting to make use of the expensive brick of glass and aluminium that is always in my pocket. It’s not ideal, but it’s getting a bit easier with practice. While I’ve always been a fan of phones for things like playing old games on emulators, I’ve struggled with doing actual work on them. It’s getting a bit easier with practice, but still feels a little strange.

Writing Projects

My first writing project is the rewrite and release of Ten Nights. I have about 4 chapters left to complete before its ready for the pre-publish edit cycle, but I’m pretty happy with its progress so far.

For fans of the Gemsong Series, I’m also working on the plot outline for volume 3. I dont expect a release anytime soon, but I am confident that it’ll take less time than whatever George R.R. Martin is working on… The story may conclude in the third volume, but depending on how things develop, a fourth volume is quite possible. We’ll see what happens.

In addition, I’d also like to get a paperback version of volume 2 released. With the demise of createspace however, I’ve been procrastinating. I’m not a huge fan of Amazon KDP but for the moment, I may not have a choice. (Seriously amazon… You don’t do proof copies?)

In addition to those two projects, I’d also like to start developing the Opal Lagoon and Harvest Pass series. If you’ve read the candle and quill, then you’ve already seen several bits of their worlds. Things just need to be developed and polished a bit more.

Website Updates

The website will be getting some updates as well. In addition to new pages for the upcoming projects, I’ll also be updating the various purchase and informational links to ensure everything is current.

A long term project I’ve been pondering, is a conversion of the Gemsong Saga website into a wikipedia database. This would take a fair bit of work, but would be a great resource for anyone interested in the series. I may start working on that as well

Anyhow, check back here for more updates in the coming days, and feel free to drop me a line. I can definitely use the motivation!

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