The Candle and Quill home page is now up and running. A wealth of information about the magazine and its content is now easily accessible. Simply click one of the links in the top Nav-bar and see everything the Candle and Quill has to offer.

In addition, the Ruu McKinney website has gotten a full visual overhaul. News and updates should now be much easier to read, and far cleaner on mobile devices.

Candle and Quill home Page

The main page for the Candle and Quill gives a general overview of the magazine and answers most general questions. Also featured on this page is information on what types of content are included in each issue, and which retailers it can be purchased from.

Candle and Quill Issue Listing and Content Index

The issue listing and content index page for the Candle and Quill focuses specifically on information related to content. Each available issue has a link to its own page where previews and highlights are listed. Below these, a summary of every piece included in the magazine is listed along with a synopsis and listing of the issues it was featured in. This is an excellent resource for anyone that is looking to get a feeling for what the Candle and Quill is about.

Other updates

The website as a whole is now simpler and cleaner looking. Whether on your PC or on a mobile device, updates and news should pop as well as be easier on the eyes. In addition, the about page has been updated to include new work and current interests. Please check out my current projects, as well as the various ways you can interact with me.

To everyone who has shown interest in my work, written reviews, and given encouragement, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you. It couldn’t be done without all of your support.

It Always Starts With a Break Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill Ready for Release