Issue 02 of the Candle and Quill has just been completed. Patrons can expect to receive their copies around the first week of December. If you’re not already a Patron, you still have a couple of days, but time is running out.

Issue 02 of the Candle and Quill continues the story of the Serpent’s Coil, and features the second chapters of Ten Nights and A Boy Named Zephyr. In addition to these, the latest issue includes two new original creative writing pieces, commentary articles, and more.

Issue 02 Creative and Commentary

Forward: Eating or drinking something with the word “instant” in its name is usually the culinary equivalent to being handcuffed in a dark room across from an angry man that wears an eye patch and chain-smokes unfiltered Camels.

Refuge: An angry surf crests beneath a stormy sky, and its waves crash upon a shore of amethyst sand. The wind that howls in from the open sea bites with the fangs of a winter frost, and its chill penetrates deep within one’s marrow.

Serpent’s Coil, Pt. 2: Cas continued to scratch the glass along the floor until he had drawn three stick figures. He tapped the first with the glass and then pointed to his chest. He then reached back down and crossed out the remaining two figures with slow, pained strokes.

Sight: The browser displayed a black screen with a small button at the bottom of the screen. The button read “I Agree”, but no other text could be seen. Adam clicked the button and the browser window immediately went black.

Novel Chapters

Original Novel: Ten Nights
Chapter 02: Cabin by the Creek: The silence hung in the air like a frost, and time seemed to slow down as Jason’s eyes darted around him in a desperate bid for information. His body tensed, and his stomach rose in his throat as if he had vaulted off of a cliff. Whatever was outside could feel his fear, and it bid its time patiently until Jason’s terror had reached its crescendo.

Novel Selection: A Boy Named Zephyr
Chapter 02: The Old Man of Dock 07: Sunrise unveiled itself upon a hazy horizon, and Zephyr stirred from a fitful sleep. In the distance, countless plumes of smoke came into view, and with them, the first glimpses of the sullen and sterile landscape that was the Rubbards.

Just like last month, issue 02 includes extra feature articles about the Gemsong Saga universe. Learn more about Arthur’s background, and the origins of his home, Dock 07.

Writing Tips

In this month’s writing tips, I look into how dating your work can help you find a more efficient rhythm for your writing. While you can’t always control what life throws at you, you can learn to negate its effects on your work.

More Ways to Read

In addition to Issue 02’s release, Issue 01 of the Candle and Quill has been added to Smashwords for individual purchase. If you aren’t feeling the whole monthly subscription model, but would still like to see what the Candle and Quill is all about, the Smashwords edition is a great opportunity!

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