Candle and Quill home page and site overhaul

The Candle and Quill home page is now up and running. A wealth of information about the magazine and its content is now easily accessible. Simply click one of the links in the top Nav-bar and see everything the Candle and Quill has to offer. In addition, the Ruu McKinney website has gotten a full… Continue reading

Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill Ready for Release

Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill is now complete and pending release with With the departure from Patreon, getting the Candle and Quill’s home page online is my main priority. This will require substantial work, and I’ll be taking March off to handle it and the rest of my backlog.

Candle and Quill Leaving Patreon

The Candle and Quill project will be leaving Patreon as of issue 04’s release. From this point forward, all current and future releases will be available via as well as several other online retailers. This change comes after much thought, and has been prompted by several factors, as explained below.