While my last post talked about being ready to write, finding my rhythm has taken both some time, and a lot of crumpled paper. Thankfully, my recent tech distractions have gotten me all fired up. Things are finally starting to get done, and that includes the latest chapter of “A Man Named Zephyr.” 

The PC Build.

My first major distraction has been the planning and construction of a new PC. Anyone who knows me knows that tech is a major weakness of mine, and one that follows closely behind bikes, coffee, and music. (Geez, I have a lot of weaknesses…) After nearly five years with the same rig, the weirdness that comes with age and obsolescence was getting in the way of my work. (Yep, thats my excuse.)

Building a PC yourself, while worth it, can sometimes be a headache. Thankfully, the silicon gods had mercy on me and I survived with only minor RAM speed issues to rectify. I’m over-clocking them bit by bit in an effort to actually hit their admittedly high advertised ratings, but it is taking some tinkering.

Everything else has behaved, and it has just been the long road of reinstalling, transferring, and tweaking. Windows 10 does not make things easy however, especially if privacy and a lack of bloat-ware is valued.

Phone Upgrade time

I have been suffering with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a few years now. Since about a month in, it has been nothing but headaches. From malfunctioning gyros and iffy reception, to horrid battery life, I have been counting the days until upgrade time. Such was my experience with my S6, that I have since sworn off Samsung phones entirely. As a result, Google’s Pixel has more or less been my only alternative for a flagship-class phone.

While the Pixel 2 last year was tempting, the display issues were enough to convince me to wait for the next one. That wait ended earlier this month with the unveiling of the Pixel 3, but it too left me wanting more.  Thankfully, my dream phone appeared out of left field around the same time, and we hope to live happy ever after. (or at least the next three or four years)

Perhaps some funky RGB lighting and a 120hz screen can assist me in finding my rhythm? /flings S6 at Verizon

A Man Named Zephyr

The latest chapter has just been completed! While there is still a bit to go before I have a final edition in my hands, things are coming along at a decent pace. One thing I have definitely noticed after my hiatus however, is that finding my rhythm has been really difficult.

While the Candle and Quill definitely ate a lot of my time, it was amazing for keeping my writing abilities sharp.  Without it, it has been hard simply getting my ideas down on paper. After a bit of struggling and a few trashcans worth of crumpled paper, things are finally starting to click. 

As I re-read everything to get back into the mood, I noticed myself really enjoying it. It is definitely more action packed than the first book, but more than that, it delves far more deeply into the origins and faces of the nobility. No longer a faceless group, I think they become a far more sinister villain, and the resistance a far more compelling hero as a result. 

Perhaps I can finally deliver on that teaser next week?

Gemsong Saga Volume 2 Teaser I'm back, and ready to write