To celebrate the great progress I have been making, I would like to offer a sneak preview of the upcoming Gemsong Saga Volume 2: A Man Named Zephyr. The second volume of the series introduces the major players within the Lutian Nobility, and several new factions. Expect a release before the end of the year.

Five Years Later

Gemsong Saga Volume 2 picks up five years after the events of the first book. As a result of those events, Segment 07 has been placed under a blockade by the Lutian Nobility. All paths in and out have been severed. The people of Segment 07 are alone.

Industry and trade within the segment has crumbled. Faced with sudden isolation, and fearful of further uprising, the factory foremen have fled the segment. Their factories and the billowing pollution they once spewed into the air are now gone, as are the jobs they once provided. Amidst their rubble and ash however, new life grows.

After five years, the people of the segment have begun to find self-sufficiency. Rather than waste their lives in the factories, many now toil for themselves. Though the segment now finds itself awash in green, not all of its residents see hope on the horizon.

The Enemy Within

Even as the Segment begins to flourish, a new enemy stirs in its shadows. Despite the efforts of Zephyr and the resistance as well as those of the Volunteer Militia, kidnappings continue around the segment.

One night while chasing down a group of hunters, Zephyr and Jance stumble into a trap. Worst still, the trap seems intended for them from the start. Who is this new enemy, and how are they connected to the Nobility? How do they know Zephyr and Jance, and do they know about their powers?

Now firmly in the sights of this unknown foe, the Resistance must act quickly to unmask their enemy and protect the people of the segment from their plans. The Lutian Nobility however, grows tired of waiting. Should the Resistance emerge victorious, it is unlikely the Nobility will simply stand by any longer and watch.

Expect Gemsong Saga Volume 2 in 2017

The release of Gemsong Saga Volume 2 is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017. As the book approaches completion, expect further updates here and on the official Gemsong Saga Website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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