Welcome to the first Gemsong Saga Volume 2 teaser! What follows is a short excerpt from the first chapter of volume 2. While the first round of editing may be complete, it’s not a final version. Errors may be present, and content may change in the final release. Please keep that in mind. If you missed the original preview article, it can be found here.

Gemsong Saga Volume 2 Teaser

Jance, Zephyr, and Drake, are in pursuit of several noble agents who have kidnapped a young girl. As they make their way through the Serpent’s Coil  however, they begin to suspect something may be amiss.

Jance paused at the corner and put his finger to his lips. Just beyond them, the splash of footsteps could be heard, along with the sound of several men as they whispered to one another in the dim light. Zephyr poked his head out as well and cautiously peered out from the shadows.

A hundred meters ahead of them the passage opened up into a large chamber where eight figures stood in wait. Between them was a lone girl in a tattered cloak. She stood quietly in the middle of the room with her head bowed and her hands held behind her back.

“I thought you said there were only three?” Jance asked in concern.

“That’s what I was told,” Drake replied with a helpless shrug, “how was I supposed to know there were more?”

Zephyr narrowed his eyes. “Something about this is wrong. There are three right there in the center, but the others… It’s almost as if they’re trying to hide. Would you just stand there if you were trying to make your escape?”

“Do you think they heard us?” asked Jance.

“And they just now happened to notice, right as they reached a big open room like that, with five of their friends? No, I don’t like this.”

Drake cracked his knuckles. “We can take them guys. We’ve fought more than that many at once and won. If we just stand here, they might hurt the girl.”

As Drake finished his sentence a chill ran down his spine. The temperature of the air had suddenly plummeted, and a moment later, Martika stepped out from the darkness behind them. Her gaze was cold and emotionless, and as she walked, the surface of the water froze with a hollow crack beneath her feet.

“Martika? Why are you here?” whispered Zephyr in surprise.

She turned to Zephyr slowly and cocked her head slightly to the side. “You are careless Zephyr; thus, someone needs to keep an eye on you.” She continued past them and rounded the corner without hesitation. “Come.” she instructed.

The three of them looked at each other in confusion as Martika continued down the corridor.

“Wait, Martika! What are you doing?!” Zephyr called out.

Martika paid him no attention and continued forward until she reached the large room. At sight of her, the three hunters in the center quickly surrounded their hostage.

One of the men grinned and pulled a knife up to the girl’s throat.

“Not another step girlie,” he said in an overconfident growl,”wouldn’t want us to harm the poor little one here, now would you?”

Martika raised her hand and pointed towards the ceiling of the room. “Feel free.” she said harshly as frost began to coalesce above them, “It would only save me the trouble.”

A Man Named Zephyr, Ch. 1

Beyond the Coil

While Martika has always been unpredictable, does she truly have it in her to kill an innocent hostage right in front of her comrades? If so, what will it mean for the resistance, not to mention their friendship?

Volume 2 of the Gemsong Saga Series follows Zephyr and the rest of the resistance as betrayal and new alliances take the struggle from the segment to Lutia itself. While plenty of new players take the stage, several faces from the pages of history make a return as well, as the world slides towards all-out war.

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