It feels like it has been forever since I last sat down and wrote anything. While in reality, it has only been a little over four months, each day has passed both blindingly fast, and excruciatingly slow. Thankfully, my long hiatus is now over. I’m back, and ready to write.

I’m out of practice and still have plenty of cobwebs to shake, so the plan is to start out slow. I’ll start with a bit of housekeeping both here and on the website. Once I’m back into the swing of things, the plan is to move full speed ahead on “A Man Named Zephyr.” I’m already woefully behind my originally anticipated release date, so I’d really like to finish things up.¬†

I’m not sure where I stand yet on a continuation of the Candle and Quill series. I might revisit it once I get a few more things done. The main issue however, is the sheer amount of time each issue took to make. If I do pick it back up, it will not likely be a monthly project.

For now however, the Gemsong Saga series takes priority. I have also pondered a few other Gemsong Saga related projects. 

Check back here for updates over the next days and weeks. Maybe I can even post a few teasers?

Finding my rhythm Again It Always Starts With a Break