Issue 03 of the Candle and Quill is complete and ready for release. Current Patrons can expect to receive their copies within the next week, while non-patrons can look forward to it on Smashwords before the end of January. Becoming a patron is a great way to get advanced access to each new issue. If you are a fan of fantasy and science-fiction, you can learn more about joining here.

Short stories Featured in Issue 03 of the Candle and Qiill

This issue of the Candle and Quill includes a wealth of short stories. In the conclusion of Serpent’s Coil”, Cas becomes the hunted, and Karen must decide what to do with her life. This story directly ties in with parts from the upcoming second volume of the Gemsong Series. Reading all three parts will give a great bit of insight to past events in the Rubbards, as well as the lives of several of the main characters.

In addition to the “Serpent’s Coil”, two more short stories make their debut this month. Escape the bitter cold and perpetual snow and find shelter in the mysterious ruins of “Eureka”. Elsewhere, Victor and Bert investigate strange transmissions being broadcast across the pass in “Signals”.

Full-Length Novel Chapters

Being a merchant isn’t always easy, as the duo of unlucky private merchants learn in chapter three of “A Boy Named Zephyr”. Read about their experiences within the Abyss, and then get more background about the Gemsong Saga world with the included extras “Abyssal Dragons”, and “The Abyss”.

In chapter three of the original novel “Ten Nights”, David and his friend Nick narrowly escape an attack as night falls over the valley. Their attacker is not one to simply give up however. Amidst the darkness, it resorts to a new hunting tactic in an attempt to secure its prey.

Additional Content

Issue 03 of the Candle and Quill includes more than just new creative writing. I share helpful tips to better your writing, insight on the recent Patreon issues, and a hidden gem of the gaming world.

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