Issue 04 of the Candle and Quill is done and ready to release. With the release of this new issue, there are several exciting short stories as well as full-length novel chapters to enjoy.

New Short Stories in Issue 04

Issue 04 of the Candle and Quill includes two brand new short stories, as well as a continuation of last month’s “Signals”. In part 2, Bert and Victor pay Mister Maul a visit to inquire about his radio. With the Pastor right on their heels however, it is unlikely they’ll get to the bottom of the mysterious broadcast without a fight.

“Opal Lagoon” tells the tale of a young girl named Irrika in a small village by the water’s edge. Irrika chases the memory of her departed father, desperate to one day fish the same waters he did. Amidst those waters however, a thick fog billows. What are the mysterious faeries that seem to beckon to her from these mists? Do they truly carry her wishes to her father on the other side?

In the Gemsong Saga side-story “Last Flight of the Solaris”, the events of the infamous sinking of the Solaris come to light. Lost in the abyss, reports say that its captain and crew escaped unscathed save for two. Branded as traitors, these two were lost along with the ship as it plummeted below the clouds. Rumors from the pirate segment however, seem to disagree.

Full-length Novel Chapters

The Rubbards are a harsh place where even sunlight can be seen as a luxury. In chapter four of “A Boy Named Zephyr”, Zephyr gets his first taste of Rubbards cuisine and life outside of Lutia. Even in a place as ugly as the Rubbards however, beauty rises from the darkness.

In chapter four of “Ten Nights”, David comes face to face with the presence that stalks him. When there is nowhere left to hide, sometimes the only thing you can do is face your fears.

Additional Content

Issue 04 of the Candle and Quill includes several unique extras. Learn how to combat burnout in your work, and see just how powerful language can be.

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