Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill is now complete and pending release with With the departure from Patreon, getting the Candle and Quill’s home page online is my main priority. This will require substantial work, and I’ll be taking March off to handle it and the rest of my backlog.

Creative writing and Short Stories

Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill features the conclusion to the three-part short story “Signals”, part two of the short story “Opal Lagoon”, and a brand-new story titled “Pareidolia”.

Signals, Part 3
Bert patted Victor on the head. “My life is in there Victor, and it is time for me to go back. I understand it all now…” he paused and turned to Victor with eyes that shined with a clear, determined shimmer. “Thank you young Victor. Thank you for everything.”

Opal Lagoon Part 2
When Irrika awoke, she was greeted by a scene of complete and utter devastation. The giant wave had wiped the entirety of the village away, and in its place lay a peninsula wiped clean, save for the debris and wreckage that peppered it like confetti.

Renata awoke in her apartment after a short nap and shielded her eyes as the light of the setting sun flooded the room with a tangerine light. Her eyes were still sensitive to brightness, and it caused enough glare in her vision to wash out the rest of the room, but Renata couldn’t help but smile. Vision was a struggle, but it wasn’t all bad. The myriad of colors that shimmered across her sight were breathtaking, and she couldn’t help but feel a tingle in her chest at the sight of them.

Sample and Original Novels

Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill includes chapter 05 of “A Boy Named Zephyr”, and the supernatural-horror story “Ten Nights”.

Ten Nights
“You see that too, right?” David asked as he motioned towards the door.
“Do I see what?”
David continued to stare for another moment before he turned back to Dustin who stared at him with a sour frown.
“What do you want?” Dustin asked again in a high pitched tone, “What am I supposed to see?”

A Boy Named Zephyr
After another moment, his annoyance had reached its peak. Though he turned to Zephyr to ask him what he was doing, he instead emitted a loud whooping sound and jumped backwards with enough force that he almost fell off the edge of the dock.

Handling the Backlog

Though I may be taking off the month from the Candle and Quill, I will by no means be bored. Along with getting issues 04 and 05 published and available for purchase, I have a long list of things to tackle.

Firstly, with the departure from Patreon, the Candle and Quill needs a new home. This new page will be my priority for the month. I will make an announcement whenever the page is up and running.

In addition, my second book “A Man Named Zephyr” has fallen a bit behind. With only three chapters to go, I’m hoping to make some progress. I can’t say it will be done and ready to go by the end of the month, but I think I can make a pretty good dent in things.

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