The Candle and Quill project will be leaving Patreon as of issue 04’s release. From this point forward, all current and future releases will be available via as well as several other online retailers. This change comes after much thought, and has been prompted by several factors, as explained below.

A Lack of Trust

As mentioned in issue 03 of the Candle and Quill, many creators including myself are having some trouble trusting Patreon. Their announcement about fee changes came out of nowhere, and with only a two-week heads up. While Patreon eventually relented, the words “for now” and “for the time being” are not exactly comforting.

It is a difficult feat to accrue fans and patrons of your work. To potentially lose them due to sudden and unwanted changes is disconcerting, to say the least. Leaving Patreon before things become more complicated just seems like a good idea.

Leaving Patreon simplifies things

I have a good deal of experience working with Smashwords. By selling each issue of the Candle and Quill through them, as they are completed, things are just simpler. No subscriptions, no rigid deadlines, no fee structure silliness.

For what I was getting out of Patreon, it simply was not worth the extra updates and posts. I can do everything Patreon does on my own website, with more control and no surprises. Distribution also becomes much easier to deal with. As I was already releasing under both websites, leaving Patreon simplifies things.

A Broader Market

With Smashwords, I can distribute each issue of the Candle and Quill in multiple formats across a much wider channel of distributors. Once approved for Smashwords’ premium catalog, issues are available via the following retailers (as well as many others):
Barnes & Noble
This is just better business. Readers with a preferred retailer can purchase from wherever they choose, with minimal hassle.

The Candle and Quill will be getting its own website in the near future. Please check back here for updates when the site goes live.

Issue 05 of the Candle and Quill Ready for Release Issue 04 of Candle and Quill ready for release