The Ruu McKinney website is going through a bit of clean up this week. Some pages are being trimmed, while others are just being updated to reflect current information. The biggest change however reflects the Gemsong Saga website.

Gemsong Saga Website

The Gemsong Saga website is no more. Well, actually, the domain still exists, it just redirects here. This shouldn’t be taken as a bad omen for the series. The change is due to a couple of factors:

Firstly, editing the website was tedious work. With the release of volume 02 however, adding additional plot or character info without accidentally including spoilers was becoming a challenge.

Secondly, posting the same updates and news across multiple sites only added more work with diminishing returns. Add in the server and backend overhead from multiple sites, and it all just started to make less and less sense.

With everything now cozily tucked under the umbrella, I can take any time that would have otherwise been spent doing grunt work and use it to actually write. Thats good, no?

The Candle and Quill

This week I will be pulling the individual issues of Candle and Quill from sale online. In their place, a compendium of the short stories and novellas they contained will be released.

I was forced to stop the series in 2018 due to some incredibly unexpected life events, and sadly was not ever able to get back to them.

Despite not being able to continue, I feel like some of the stories I wrote were actually pretty good, and may even lead to some full-length books in the future. Since I am proud of most of the works within, I thought it would he nice to strip out the commentary and sample chapters, and just re-release a collection of my favorites.

There is no set date for this re-release, but I will try and get things taken care of sooner, rather than later.

Ten Nights

On the topic of re-releases and sample chapters, the release of the newly written Ten Nights short story will be coming soon. The writing and editing are done, and the only thing needed for publishing is a cover.

As cover design is my absolute bane, progress has not been great. That said, I will make it a priority to get things finished up as soon as I can

Births, Pandemics, and lack of sleep