As people across the country buckle down to weather the Coronavirus, social distancing has proven a difficult thing for many to get used to. People are feeling isolated, and depression is on the rise. To help everyone get past this latest hurdle, many authors and publishers across a variety of media are offering large sales and deep discounts. If we’re all going to be cooped up, having something to do is essential.

While I may not be a world famous author, I’d like to try and do my part as well. From now until April 20, I’ve put my entire Smashwords catalog on sale for free. They may not fix things, but at least a book can help you to spend a few days doing something other than thinking and worrying.

Hopefully the worst will be past us soon. Until then, please don’t act unreasonably. Social distancing isn’t any fun, but spreading out cases so they dont all happen at once is essential. We’re not just worrying about those who get sick, but anyone in need of any kind of medical attention.

For accurate information, make sure to check out the cdc and the WHO. If it comes from Facebook, television, or one of our presidential briefings, then take it with a very large grain of salt.

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