My name is Ruu McKinney. I write fantasy-fiction novels and short-stories. While my main project is the Gemsong Saga series, I have also published several issues of a monthly writing digest called the Candle and Quill.

I am a fountain pen enthusiast, obsessed with coffee, and an avid sport-bike rider. I live in the Arkansas region of the USA, and can frequently be found on one of its many back roads whenever our fickle weather allows. If I’m not on a motorcycle, I can usually be found on Final Fantasy XIV’s Typhon server, hosting my own private Final Fantasy XI server, or trying to make headway organizing and tagging all of my music. Whatever I am doing, there will likely be caffeine involved, and there is probably some writing happening somewhere in the mix as well!

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Thank you for your interest in my work. As an author, my work means nothing without someone to read it, so I am very glad you’re here!