The Gemsong Saga Series

Lutia, a land of wealth and nobility. The Rubbards, a land of poverty and hunger. Two sides of a coin, both held aloft by the hum of crystals, high above the swirling depths of the abyss.

To all but the oldest, this is how the world has always been. For most, it is how it would always remain. And yet, the cogs of fate begin to turn once more, brought to life by a young castaway of a noble house.

When powers thought lost to time reawaken, the lies of the nobility will be exposed. Though the world may once again be enveloped in the flames of war, the dust will one day settle. As that new dawn breaks across the horizon, may it bring with it the hope of freedom, and an end to the nobility.

A Boy Named Zephyr

Gemsong Saga Volume 01: A Boy Named Zephyr

The first volume of the Gemsong Saga series follows a young boy named Zephyr. Forced to flee a life of comfort and luxury, Zephyr finds himself alone on the docking planks of an old workshop in the Rubbards.

Zephyr is taken in by the old dock master and given a place as his apprentice. When Zephyr tries to find his place in the grimy slums of the Rubbards however, he must face his own past and make a choice; live a quiet life as an apprentice, or become the spark that ignites the flames of rebellion.

Gemsong Saga Volume 01: A Boy Named Zephyr is available in ebook format as well as print.

Original Release date: January 10, 2017.

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A Man Named Zephyr

Gemsong Saga Volume 02: A Man Named Zephyr

Five years have passed since the rebellion in Segment 07. With a blockade fleet of Noble warships visible in the skies around them, Zephyr and the resistance patrol the segment in an effort to stop a series of kidnappings.

Upon discovering the truth behind the disappearances, the noble fleet is spurred into action. What starts as a full-scale invasion however, eventually leads Zephyr back to his childhood home.

Armed with truths that the nobility has tried to lock away, and allies previously only spoken of as myth, Zephyr and his companions take the fight to the nobility. Will their powers be enough to save the ones they love unscathed? Or will might that has slumbered since the great war be too much to overcome?

Gemsong Saga Volume 02: A Man Named Zephyr is available in ebook format. A print edition will be available soon.

Original Release Date: December 12, 2019.

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