Candle and Quill Issue 01

Candle and Quill Issue 01: November 2017

The first entry to the series, Candle and Quill Issue 01 boasts a wealth of original content. “Dandelion” is a short piece of creative writing, while “The Narrow Road” is a first attempt at a short horror story. Also included in issue 1 is the first part of the three-part Serpent’s Coil series, a side-story from the Gemsong Saga Universe.

The Gemsong Saga content continues with Chapter 01 of “A Boy Named Zephyr”, while two extras highlight the world’s two main territories.

This issue is currently available for purchase here, as well as from a variety of online retailers.


Lighting the Wick:Within the plastic buckets held tightly in their grasps, the first pieces of candy would slide and bang around hollowly, like the rhythm of war drums.

Creative Writing

Dandelion: The world, now far below it, is full of possibility, and the seed can land anywhere it chooses. Today is but the start of its life.

The Narrow Road: The better part of a century old, the ruins stood silently amidst the sun-dappled shadows of the forest.
“It’s just an old house,” Julia replied with a laugh, “I don’t think I’ve ever even seen anyone live there, not even as a kid.”

Serpent’s Coil: A man in rags sat with his back to the wall. His eyes were wide with panic and his hands shook with a mix of confusion and deep, primordial fear. After a moment, he began to calm himself, but in the growing silence came a resonance from deep within his bones.

Original Novel: Ten Nights

Chapter 01: Eyes in the Darkness. With wooden joints, David slowly extended a shaky hand and the cold of the autumn night enveloped it in its icy grasp. The beating in his heart was nearly deafening, and every inch he stretched felt like a mile.

Sample Novel: A Boy Named Zephyr

Chapter 01: From the Gilded Cage. His mother’s face distorted into an almost serpentine grin. “Oh, but of course,” she replied,”we’ve waited a long time for this day.” She pondered to herself for a moment, and her face washed in a look of gratification akin to a cat after flaying a mouse. “It is a very special day after all.”

Writing Tips

Stoking the Fires:Writing is both a never-ending hunt for new ideas, and a struggle for the drive to do something with those ideas once you have them. From my experience, most writers seem to be pretty well stocked on one side of the equation, but regularly in a dry spell on the other.


Gemsong Saga Atlas: Explore the Noble Nation of Lutia, and the Commoner Segments of the Rubbards.