Candle and Quill Issue 02

Candle and Quill Issue 02: December 2017

Candle and Quill issue 02 continues with a rich selection of Gemsong Saga content, as well as several new stories.

“Serpent’s Coil” continues with part 02 of the series, prefaced by a short piece of creative writing titled “Refuge”. Following both is a new short story titled “Sight”. This horror-themed short story explores how the paranormal is alive and well even in our highly connected world.

This issue is currently available for purchase here, as well as from a variety of online retailers.


Learning to Slow Down: Let’s face it. Eating or drinking something with the word “instant” in its name is usually the culinary equivalent to being handcuffed in a dark room across from an angry man that wears an eye patch and chain-smokes unfiltered Camels.

Creative Writing

Refuge: An angry surf crests beneath a stormy sky, and its waves crash upon a shore of amethyst sand. The wind that howls in from the open sea bites with the fangs of a winter frost, and its chill penetrates deep within one’s marrow.

Serpent’s Coil, Part 02: The two sat in silence for several moments until Karen looked up sheepishly. “Hey… If you’re going to save people, can I help you?” Karen straightened her posture before she continued. “I know I’m young, and I don’t have your powers, but I think I can help you. I want to help you.”

Sight: As soon as the game had loaded, Adam set his status to busy once again. He had endured enough well-wishers and feigned sympathy for one day. He just wanted to kill the time until the pills he had taken had kicked in. He desperately needed sleep, but he didn’t want to dream.

Original Novel: Ten Nights

Cabin by the Creek: Everything inside of him told him, screamed at him, not to look, and yet his eyes continued to move hesitantly upward towards the vent. Red eyes peered back at him through the grating and when he made eye contact with them, his body went ice cold and his lower lip began to quiver.

Sample Novel: A Boy Named Zephyr

Chapter 02: The Old Man of Dock 07: “I wager you’re in a bit of a pickle young one,” the old man began, “but no matter. Such is generally the case when children such as yourself appear upon my dock. I am happy to help in any way I can.”

Writing Tips

Dating Your Work: Rarely if ever, is a full chapter written in a single sitting. While I have completed some within a couple of days, most tend to take much longer. The reason for this quite simply, is that life happens.


Gemsong Saga Atlas: Dock 07. Learn more about the origins of Dock 07 and its storied role during the great war.

Gemsong Saga Characters: Arthur. Learn about the origins of Arthur’s hatred for the nobility, and how he came to be the owner of Dock 07.