Candle and Quill Issue 04

Candle and Quill Issue 04: February 2018

Candle and Quill issue 04 includes a brand-new side-story from the Gemsong Saga Universe titled “Last Flight of the Solaris”. In addition, the three-part series “Signals” continues with part 02, and a new series titled “Opal Lagoon” begins. This month’s chapter of “A Boy Named Zephyr” and its extras do a great job showing what life is like in the slums of Segment 07, while chapter 04 of “Ten Nights” shows David’s world turned upside down when the visitor shows him nowhere is safe, not even his home.

Candle and Quill Issue 04 is currently available for purchase here, as well as from a variety of online retailers.


Language is More Than Just Words: As someone who has spent most of their life less than interested in languages, I’m a bit shocked at just how fascinated I’ve become with them lately, and just how oblivious I was to such things in the days of Junior High and High school Spanish.

Creative Writing

Signals, Part 02: Bert emerged a moment later with a radio in his hands and a sullen expression on his face. “I just thought he might be interested in trading for some of the items inside.”
Victor stared blankly. “Bert, half of the stuff you’d offer him probably came from his own trash can.”

Opal Lagoon, Part 01: For the duration of the trip, Irrika’s eyes remained locked on the lights of the faeries as they danced in the growing darkness. The pulses of light were rhythmic, and came in steady intervals that were almost hypnotic. Though the others in the boat averted their eyes, Irrika continued to stare in wonder, as if they beckoned to her.

Last Flight of The Solaris: The clouds in the sky below the dock churned and boiled angrily; A storm was brewing, and it would be a particularly violent one. Arthur, the owner of the dock stared out at the sky with an expression of distaste.
“Another Noble ship,” he muttered to himself, “and a large one at that. Far too many of them in our skies as of late.”

Original Novel: Ten Nights

Chapter 04: Alone in The Dark: “David.”
David’s eyes cracked open. “Dad?”
“Yes David. I need you to come here a minute, okay? We need to talk.”

Sample Novel: A Boy Named Zephyr

Chapter 04: Life in The Rubbards: Zephyr carried his plate into the workshop and sat down next to Arthur. He looked up at Arthur again, and then back at his plate and sighed. “So no orange cake?”
“No orange cake.” replied Arthur.

Writing Tips

Combat Burnout With a bit of Variety: Writing can be a tiring trade. While it may not be manual labor under the hot sun or twelve hour shifts on an assembly line, creative work can cause plenty of fatigue in its own right, both physically and mentally.


Gemsong Saga Atlas: Segment 07 Diner: The Diner is one of the oldest structures on the segment, and has been family owned for generations. While the food it serves is second to none, it is open to debate as to whether it is the menu or its staff that truly brings in the customers.

Gemsong Saga Atlas: Segment 07 Square: Segment square is the central-most point of Segment 07. It is a vital crossroads for travelers, and one of the few places with an open view of the sky. Visitors to the square often stop here for a breath of fresh air and a bite from the local diner before they resume their journey.