Podcast Ahoy

Everyone loves a good podcast. In the years since my hiatus began, the number of podcast listeners has grown leaps and bounds. Ebook readership, on the other hand, has not fared nearly as well.

Good news!

I return from my update hiatus bearing good news! At long last, the manuscript for the second volume of the Gemsong Saga series is now complete! While there is still a good bit of editing to do, I’ve cleared the biggest hurdle, and it should all be downhill from here. Once the final editing is… Continue reading

Finding my rhythm Again

While my last post talked about being ready to write, finding my rhythm has taken both some time, and a lot of crumpled paper. Thankfully, my recent tech distractions have gotten me all fired up. Things are finally starting to get done, and that includes the latest chapter of “A Man Named Zephyr.”