Issue 03 of Candle and Quill ready for release

Issue 03 of the Candle and Quill is complete and ready for release. Current Patrons can expect to receive their copies within the next week, while non-patrons can look forward to it on Smashwords before the end of January. Becoming a patron is a great way to get advanced access to each new issue. If… Continue reading

What Editing Your Book Can Tell You

Last week, I talked about the futility of pursuing perfect writing. In that case, the difficult part was knowing when to stop. This week, I’d like to talk about the benefits of editing your book and what your work can tell you about itself. Like any advice however, even the best can prove useless if… Continue reading

Gemsong Saga Website Introduction

I am pleased to introduce the official Gemsong Saga Website. This website is intended to accompany the Gemsong Saga book series and act as a gateway for potential readers. It is packed with a variety of in-depth looks at the people, places, lore, and history of the Gemsong Saga world. Learn more about the Gemsong… Continue reading