Creative Writing Workshop – Autumn Leaves

Continuing with the theme of last week’s post, I have been embracing my inopportune inspiration and playing with some old ideas. One idea in particular that I felt had a lot of promise was a story titled “Autumn Leaves”. Below is an excerpt, taken from my 140 character-limited practice sessions from several years ago. I… Continue reading

Gemsong Saga Volume 2 preview

To celebrate the great progress I have been making, I would like to offer a sneak preview of the upcoming Gemsong Saga Volume 2: A Man Named Zephyr. The second volume of the series introduces the major players within the Lutian Nobility, and several new factions. Expect a release before the end of the year.

Add Personal Memories for a More Authentic Story

Of all the things that make a person unique, their personal memories are among the most important. Memories change the way a person sees and experiences the world. Memories can influence a person’s beliefs, and also the choices they make. Adding those personal memories to your stories then, can flavor them in a way that… Continue reading

Details in your book should be like breadcrumbs

The details in your book help to pull the reader into your world and make it more authentic and believable. Inundate the reader with too many details though, and they can quickly stop caring. With space and reader attention span at a premium, the quality and impact of the details you choose becomes vitally important.

Write Better with Twitter’s 140 Character Limit

Space has always been the bane of my writing. With novels, it’s a struggle to fill a chapter with enough pages. Everywhere else, it’s a challenge to keep things concise. While I’m still trying to nail down the former, the latter has been helped by using Twitter’s 140 character limit to help guide me to… Continue reading